Youth Scholarships

Qajaq TC is pleased to offer a Youth Scholarship this year! The purpose of our scholarship program is to encourage young people to get involved in Greenland style kayaking and to learn about Greenland qajaq culture. The scholarship covers the cost of Qajaq TC registration. Any extras (workshop fees, t-shirts, etc.) are not covered.

Any participant under age 18 needs to attend with a responsible adult. The responsible adult need not be the parent or guardian of the youth. To be eligible, applicants must be 13-17 years old and be able to function independently of the adult with whom they are attending.

In order to apply for a youth scholarship, the responsible adult attending with the youth or the parent/guardian of the youth must have attended Qajaq TC in the past 5 years. This is to ensure that the parent/guardian and the youth understand the nature of camp enough to accurately judge that the youth is a good fit for the opportunity. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis
given that the above understanding can be demonstrated. Examples of this include a written recommendation from a mentor from another camp who understands the nature of Qajaq TC and has worked directly with the youth.

While Qajaq TC takes place at a kid’s camp, it is an adult event. Alcohol is present, conversation and activities are geared towards adults, and the occasional cuss word pops out. Most mature teenagers integrate well with adult attendees.
Please submit a one-paragraph letter expressing why you are interested in the event to and we will reply with the formal scholarship application.

Completed applications will be due by April 30 of the desired year of attendance, and recipients will be notified by the beginning of June.