Volunteer Opportunities

QajaqTC Needs you! If you’ve attended training camp before, you’ve probably gone home with the feeling that you just spent a few days with friends in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. The time at camp flows with opportunities for learning, playing, and eating as though you’ve morphed to a kayak wonderland.

Camp experience is actually so inviting and all-inclusive because people like you share their skills, time, and  personalities! We’d love to invite you to join us in connecting and making this camp feel more your own. Please read through the following opportunities to see if any are a fit. As part of registration, you will be able to let us know if you are interested in helping! We’d also love to hear from you should you have another talent or contribution that would add to our time together. 

Don’t hesitate because you feel unqualified or clueless! We’ll gladly walk you through and be right there should you need any help finding your groove.

Medical Professional Attendees

Are you certified in CPR/First Aid? Are you a Wilderness First Responder? We need your talents!  Willing to be on-call during camp in case of medical emergencies.

Parking Attendant (1-4 needed, 2 hour shifts)

Are you a Tetris expert? Our parking lot is tiny and requires someone to direct parking, greet campers, and explain transport of gear to camp.  Your arrival to the parking lot will need to be approx 1 pm Thursday (for first shift).

Beefcake? Sherpa? (3-4 needed)

Our ropes rig has many heavy elements and could use several volunteers to help with unloading, transporting to location, setup, breakdown, and loading back up. The rig usually arrives at the parking lot around 1 pm.

Coffee Czar

Make a mean cup of coffee? Or are you just up annoyingly early every morning? You could bless the rest of us with pots of coffee flowing each morning. Should you want to tap your inner barista and to take it up a notch with frothing or french presses, you may find yourself held to be a demi-god at camp. Coffee making materials will be provided.

Specialty Drink, Yummy Appetizer, Whiskey Connoisseur, Game to share?

Happy hour needs you! We’d love to experience what you enjoy at home or in your region. Scotches, margaritas, martini’s, local craft beers, salsas, dips, cheeses, breads. Taste testings, munchies, and game playing really add to the mingling before dinner.

Pyromaniac/Eagle Scout?

Nightly bonfire could use your skills to build and maintain the fire in the evenings.

Camp Host (4-6 needed, rotating shifts)

Land based position to give directions to camp areas, schedule of events, etc. Rotating position throughout the weekend.

Dockmaster (4-6 needed, rotating shifts)

Dock Master shifts span between meals. Take a break from the water one morning or afternoon session and help direct participants to mentors, assist with Greenland gear selection and qajaq fitting, and oversee safety on the water. 

Yard Sale Expert?

Neptune’s Closet/Locker Facilitator sets aside an area at camp for sale/swap items, shows participants labelling supplies, and keeps the area/table organized. Note that all transactions are person-to-person, so you will not need to record any transactions or handle money. You do not need to attend the table full-time.

Raffle Sales

Are you a people person? Want an excuse to talk to everyone? Put your talents to use selling raffle tickets Friday afternoon. Duties include cutting ticket strips before sales begin and handling money (or taking names if buyer wants to use QTC credit).

Auction Coordinator (2-3 needed)

Separate donations into Live Auction, Silent Auction, and Raffle.  

  • Silent Auction: Lay out silent auction items, write brief descriptions, starting bid, and bid increments. Collect sheets at the end of the auction and document winners of each item. 
  • Live Auction: Collect information and write descriptions for Live Auction to assist our auctioneer.
  • Raffle: Lay out raffle items on a table for viewing and selection by winners.

Auction forms will be provided, along with pens. 

Live Auction Support (2-3 needed)

Scribe to write down who bought what item & price.

Presenters to show off items for bidders. (The more personality the better!)

Photographers (unlimited)

Snap pics while at camp – on the water, during events/classes, etc. Share photos with Robin or Barb before you leave camp.

End of Camp Sweep

Quick run through of all cabins, yurts, dining hall, restrooms, showers, dock, and other common areas to find left items before the last pontoon load.

Yoga Preparations

Each night after participants leave the Lodge (or early in the morning if preferred) we need all of the couches and seating moved to the side and the floor swept in preparation for morning yoga.