Packing List

Paddling Related

  • Required*
    • USCG-Approved Life Jacket
      • An inflatable belt or vest is acceptable for roll practice 
    • Paddle clothing (Drysuit, wet suit, insulation layers, rash guards, etc. Appropriate for weather and water temperature)
    • Kayak (Qajaq)
    • Greenland paddle (Paatit) 
    • Sprayskirt, aquilisaq, or tuilik
    • Nose plugs
      • Not required if you don’t intend to roll or don’t wear nose plugs when rolling. However, please note that when rolling for extended periods of time they can be very nice to have so please consider bringing a pair.
  • Optional
    • Earplugs, goggles, or dive mask 
    • Bilge pump and bailing sponge
    • Helmet for surfing or rough water play 
    • Floatation/sea sock or a qajaq with bulkheads (required for Lake Michigan paddling)
    • Any other Greenland-specific gear you would like to bring: norsaq, avataq, harpoon, bird dart
*Qajaq TC has equipment for use by participants, so don’t worry if you don’t have any of these required items. Just let us know in advance via email ( so that we can make sure to arrange some gear for you to use through the weekend, starting with your paddle over to camp!

Personal Items

  • Clothing
    • Hat (for sun or warmth depending on the weather)
    • Sunglasses with floatie strap
    • Camp shoes (Dry)
      • Sandals with more secure straps will help you navigate the slopes and steps of camp. Do NOT recommend flip flops. 
    • Water shoes
    • Bathing suit
    • Camp clothes (Dry)
    • Rain gear
    • Ropes clothes (optional)
      • If planning to try/practice greenland ropes, pack a long sleeve shirt and pants to protect your skin. Many people find jeans comfortable. Dry shoes that cover the tops of your feet are also a good idea.
  • Sleeping
    • Sleeping bag (or Blanket/Quilt)
      • Cabins are open-air. If we have chilly nights a good sleeping bag or warm jammies are a must!
    • Sheet to cover mattress (optional)
    • Pillow
    • Ear plugs
  • Bathroom
    • Shower shoes/sandals
    • Towel
    • Toiletries, sun screen, Rx/meds, pain relievers
    • Sunscreen
    • Bugspray (optional)
  • Other
    • Flashlight/Headlamp/Lantern (the cabins do not have lights!)
    • Camera 
    • Chargers and Battery Bank 
      • There is reasonable cell phone coverage, but limited outlets for chargers. 
    • Cash/check/credit card for auction/raffle 
    • Raffle/auction donation items
    • Clothesline to hang wet gear
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Camp chair for beach bonfires
    • Yoga mat 
    • Small garbage bags for cabin
  • Food and Drink (Optional)
    • Appetizers to Share 
      • Have a famous recipe? Make phenomenal salsa? Garden exploding with cherry tomatoes? Feel free to bring appetizers to share for Thursday or Friday before dinner.
    • Fun Beverages 
      • Non-alcoholic beverages of choice (juice, soda, pop, tea)
        • Note: Water and juice/lemonade is served at most meals.
      • Adult beverages for happy hour and dinner
    • Snacks for between meals 
      • Note: Our meals are filling, but if you’d like to bring snacks for between meals you are more than welcome to. They just need to be stored in the dining hall, not your cabin/tent. This is to prevent any issues with the wildlife wanting to join you in bed at night!

Additional Tent Camping Items

This list is only applicable if you are tent camping.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Pad

Medical Devices

If you have a medical condition that requires an electric device (e.g. CPAP machine), please contact us directly so that we can work to accommodate you.



There is no power for hair dryer/curling irons, etc. – so leave the electrical devices at home.